About Us

At Hydron, we specialise in providing protective solutions for a range of surfaces and protection for a variety of environmental conditions.

The Hydron waterproofing products protect a range of flooring, roofing and wall surfaces. Our waterproofing products provide excellent adhesion and are easy to apply. Outdoor applications include roofing, roof gardens, balconies and terraces. Whilst we also provide indoor solutions including kitchen, bathroom and laundry wet areas.

We have a large range of sealers that provide protection for anything from domestic floor boarding, concrete driveways, pavers and high traffic mall walkways. Our sealers come in a range of finishes including gloss and satin, as well as colour tinted solutions.

The anti-graffiti products can be applied by brush, roller or spray. The products dry clear and don’t effect the final finish, some also help protect masonary from salt penetration in areas close to the shore.

Hydron Protector Systems is proudly a premium Crommelin reseller and work inside the building industry with architects, builders and applicators. Hydron provides solutions and follows their progress through to completion. Our successes can be attributed to this process and enables anybody involved with our products to work with confidence.

Technical advice

We are confident we have a solution for any scenario. If you require further information about specific products, Australian standards or product application, feel free to contact us any time.


We will also gladly ship products to all capital cities across Australia, making it easy for you to get Hydron Products when you need them most.