Crommelin™ Polyfab BB 100mm x 50m


Polyfab BB is a 100mm wide self-adhesive non-woven polyester fabric. It incorporates a self-adhesive portion (central 1/3 of tape) that acts as a bond-breaker over joints, cracks or other areas of movement. When used in conjunction with approved liquid applied waterproofing membranes the combined system will meet the requirements of AS 3740:2005 “Waterproofing of Wet Areas Within Residential Buildings”.

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Features & Benefits

Breaks bond of membrane system to allow movement at joints, Does not crease during installation, Bridges gaps, Strengthens membranes by increasing tensile strength and puncture resistance, Easy to wet out, Outstanding conformability, High grab tensile strength, UV stable, Rot proof when buried, Flexible

Areas of Use

Movement joints, Gutters, Roof Areas, Flashings, Cracks in substrates, Flashings, Cracks in substrates