Crommelin™ Rocfloor® 15lt


Rocfloor® is a waterborne sealer, hardener and dustproofer for new or old concrete floors. It is a proven and highly effective means of providing a durable and stain resistant finish. The unique combination of physical and antimicrobial properties ensure Rocfloor® is not only hygienic but also suitable for both commercial and industrial floors. VOC content of Rocfloor® is below the maximum VOC content for architectural and interior sealants as required by Green Star Design V2, V3, Office Interiors V.1.1.

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Features & Benefits

Prevents dusting and deterioration of concrete surfaces, Excellent stain resistance, Outstanding adhesion, High abrasion resistance, Surface hardening, Waterborne and non-toxic, Low sheen finish, Antimicrobial incorporation assists in easy cleaning, Quick drying – 2 coats applied in one day, Very low V.O.C's. and low odour – safe interior use, No involved clean-up required after application, as with common surface hardeners, Can be over coated with suitable paints adhesives and floor coverings

Areas of Use

Warehouses floors, Factory floors, Commercial floor areas, Loading docks, Tilt up panels, Concrete walls