Crommelin™ Stain Repel 15lt


Stain Repel is a unique waterborne surface treatment with great resistance to chemicals and staining agents, outstanding water repellency and binding properties. It is both a penetrating and a film forming sealer – this provides protection whilst allowing the various substrates to “breathe” normally. It also contains an antimicrobial additive inhibiting mould and algal growth.

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Features & Benefits

Allows the substrate to breathe, Highly water repellent, Retains substrates natural appearance, Superior stain and chemical resistance, Provides antimicrobial protection for the treated surface, UV stable, Chemically bonds to mineral substrates, Environmentally friendly – low V.O.C.

Areas of Use

Marble, granite and porcelain substrates, Kitchen and Bathroom Areas, Reconstituted stones, Polished concrete, Natural quarry stones, Capping, Paved or trafficable areas