Hydron Barricade 20lt


Hydron Barricade is a specially formulated water-based coating that resists graffiti and does not allow it to penetrate and damage various surfaces. Sacrificial in nature, Barricades wax and water emulsion resists paint and pen graffiti attachment and allows easy removal to take place. Hydron Barricade is removed when graffiti is removed, simplifying the graffiti removal process by using either low toxicity chemicals, pressure or steam cleaning.

Hydron Barricade also has biocide protection that helps prevent mildew and fungal growth. This is particularly important on susceptible surfaces such as limestone, sandstone and concrete where mould and mildew growth is quite prevalent. Overall Barricades matt finish is highly weather resistant and will not crack peel or yellow over time.

Barricade Data Sheet

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Resists Heavy Graffiti, Crystal Clear Finish, Water Based, Biocide Protection, Ideal for many surfaces, Easy to Apply – Roller, Brush, Spray


Remove large murals or small tags, No change in Substrate appearance, Non-Toxic & Environmentally friendly, Prevents mould, mildew and moss stains, Flexible Protection, Cost Efficient