Hydron H-100 20lt

H-100 is a clear penetrating solution that prevents water penetration, salt blooms and long term soiling. H-100 penetrates deep into masonry surfaces and hydrolyses in capillaries forming a weather and chemical resistant barrier without changing the appearance.

Through its water-proofing action and strengthening of the substrate, H-100 also prevents dirt adhering and collecting as well as salt blooming and salt penetration into substrates.

H-100 Silane’s finish is totally clear and there is no darkening or change of appearance to the substrate whatsoever. Its invisible finish forms no skin or layer over the surface and allows masonry including stone, concrete, brick to ‘breathe’.

H-100 is the ideal barrier to prevent salt and moisture penetration into exterior walls and can be used in the harshest of environments to protect all forms of masonry from sustaining damage long term.


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Prevents water, salt penetration, Prevents Dirt Collection, Stops salt stains on paving, Strengthens and Water Proofs Stone, Totally clear finish, No film formation, Cures dry and non-tacky, Will not etch glass, Applied by roller, brush or spray


No long term water and salt damage, Keeps substrate clean and healthy, Maintains paver appearance, Prevents premature ageing and staining of stone, No Substrate darkening or change, Allows Surface to breathe, No possible peeling, blistering or cracking, Easy and safe to apply